Three ways to tell stories


When I was little and went on vacation, I remember taking my father’s camera and taking pictures of everything I could. Then, back home, I would gather all those moments with Moviemaker, and make a video of the trip. The final result? Boring videos of 10 to 15 minutes made only…

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It’s not fair!

We have all used the expression “it is not fair”, even when we were very small. But what is justice? Surely we can remember many situations that we have considered unfair although we don’t know how to define this concept well. In my case, I remember many times in which I have…

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Hi! I’m Clara


I’ve always wondered what comes of asking children what they want to be when they grow up. Never how they want to be or what they want to do. Inevitably, everyone immediately understands that this question only covers the professional life. And when your main concern is to go from…

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It’s already been a year

Cabecera equipo

Around this time a year ago, I finally decided to do something that I had been thinking about for many years: founding dgtl, a digital agency for social organizations. There are many very good digital agencies but none that really understand the social sector. In more than 10 years in…

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What is digital?


When I tell people that we are an agency specialized in digital for nonprofits, I usually need to clarify what I mean. Most people make the mistake of thinking that I mean we work using digital channels. But that’s only partly true. Yes, we mostly work using digital tools but…

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