People passionate about your cause need to find you

Are you a social good organization seeking the support of new donors? Then we should talk. We are an agency dedicated to finding people to support causes, both financially and socially, through digital channels.

Working together, we will develop and execute a digital strategy to find the right people to support your mission. Our goal is to transform the relationships between social good organizations and civil society, building deep and lasting bonds. And you, do you want to find your supporters?

The meaning of dgtl fundraising


are the initials of the digital world in which we live.


is what we do to find sympathizers and mobilize them.

dgtl fundraising is the way to rethink the relationships between sympathizers and organizations.

We are a young company founded with a far from modest aim: to transform the relationships between social good organizations and society itself.
Bringing people closer to organizations and organizations closer to people We are surrounded by so much information and possibilities that digital users feel often overwhelmed. It is easy to get lost among so many important issues and asks for support.

We are a non-conformist team, committed and ambitious (and we promise that we don’t like flowery language).

Nonprofits are always on our mind. In our day-to-day work, in every campaign we launch and in every e-mail we send. We want them to be able to fight for their causes with more funds, so that they can reach as far as possible. We also want to help build a world, and we cannot think of a better way to do so that with our work.

We do it our own way, looking after everything within our reach: client, susers and, naturally, ourselves, the members of the dgtl team.

We began in 2016 working out of a coffee shop, developing our tools while we structured our strategy. In recent years we have grown enough to tackle new innovations and to optimize all of our processes, even reaching international markets.


Although you have certainly heard the expression “teamwork” endless times and have rolled your eyes, at dgtl fundraising we really work this way. Our team includes people with a wide experience in non-profit organizations and in digital companies. But many of our team members are so young that they are really digital natives. We’ve learnt how to combine exceptional talent with great team culture, creating a common path for where we want to go.


Founder and CEO

Dani ran an online communication and marketing agency before joining Save the Children Spain to lead its digital team. He then went on to be the Senior Director of Business Development in Europe at He is also learning how to play the guitar (it’s not going so well…).


Senior Website Programmer

For the last 20 years, David has worked in agencies as well as NGOs, developing websites and online platforms. He is able to find technical solutions to any problem that may arise. He is also an avid coin collector.


Director of Storytelling, Europe

Nati does not know if she lives to tell stories or tells stories to live. Journalist by training, for the last 15 years she has worked in digital communications in nonprofit organizations and publishing stories in different media. She is still learning how to give good hugs.

Sara Martínez
de Frutos

Director of Accounts, Europe

Sara started out in the world of fundraising (without knowing very well what it was) over 10 years ago. She has developed her profession in different social organizations. In recent years, with a specific focus on understanding how the digital environment can help to make a better world. She is a TV series addict.

Luis Carlos

Storyteller, Spain

Luis is a lawyer by training and has the spirit of a communicator. After many battles in various NGOs and social movements, he realized that his path was telling the stories of those he wants to stand up for. He is still waiting for the day when he has to use the lowest common multiple.

Clara García

Director of Product

Clara decided in her time as a student that she wanted to get to know the inner workings of NGOs. And little by little, life has lead her towards product management, always with the focus on optimizing any tool. She has a newsletter called Majas because she is obsessed with combining e-mail marketing and the millennial world.


Paid Media Specialist, Spain

His interest in reading into people led him to the degree of Advertising and Public Relations and a fortunate choice of optative subjects to social communication. There, he discovered the power that communication has to better the world. He is Galician, although he only has an accent when he talks to his mother on the phone.


Data analyst

Tania is a curious, starry-eyed Zaragozan with a sweet tooth. She likes playing with data, speaking other languages and taking up new craft hobbies in which she can unleash her creativity. But above all, she loves being the kitchenhand of her little nephews and making delicacies amid laughter and babbling.


Website programmer

Although he had other passions, such as dance and chemistry, he always dreamt of computers. As a boy, recording data on a diskette was enough to make him feel like a computing guru. Today, his aim is to become a programming geek.

De Vera

Operations coordinator

Educated in Political Science and Development Cooperation, she has always believed in the Third Sector as a motor for social change. A runner and a series buff, she is one of those people who compares all life situations to a scene from “Friends”.



Aidée did her degree in Fine Arts, where she discovered that she had to make the leap to the “digital world”. Since then, she has been constantly learning new tools with which to express herself. A multidisciplinary designer, she can turn her hand to anything.


Storytelling coordinator, Italy

Francesca has always liked words, or at least since her teacher taught her the pleasure of telling stories by reading them to her. After studying classical studies, she entered the world of non-profit organizations and discovered for whom she really wanted to write. She believes in the power of simple things, loves travelling by train (she would stay in them for hours) and she still has to learn how to do long divisions by hand.

González Masa

Marketing technician

Marina is a student of Information Management and Digital Content, immersed in the technological world and belongs to Generation Z. Since she was a girl, she has played with water, discovering new worlds in the waves. She loves writing anywhere in La Vera, as she listens to Marea.


Paid Media Specialist, Italy

Marco has loved the digital world since Messenger was the most used social network. When he got to university, he discovered the power of digital marketing to simplify all aspects of daily life. He tries to do sport to keep himself in shape, but his passion for cooking puts him to the test…


Project Manager

She has spent almost her entire life trying to combine her two passions: communication and social causes. She always wanted to be a journalist in order to tell forgotten stories and to raise our awareness of everything that is alien to us. She has tried her luck as an editor, publisher and investigator. She is one of those people who uses lines from The Simpsons in any conversation.


Storyteller, Spain

If one had to define her in three words, they would be “ambitious, booklover and curious”. A Journalism and Audiovisual Communication graduate, she has two books of poetry published and loves dinosaurs. Her adventure in dgtl is the first step in her master plan to change the world through writing.


Storyteller, Italy

Cecilia grew up watching Snowhite’s VHS on repeat. As a journalist, she likes stories full of challenges but with a happy ending. She has traveled all around Africa to tell the stories of women and men committed to improving the lives of others. She talks to animals... and they... respond.


Website programmer junior

Maria has dreamed that she was many things, but she knew that whatever it was, it would solve problems and make life a little easier for others. That is why today she is a programmer who is growing little by little. You can find her eating cheese or reading a book.
Elisa studied languages and that has helped her to watch shows in their original language. After many years as an activist she decided to go further and put her creativity not only at the service of crochet and embroidery.


Administrative assistant, Italy

Like all audiovisual communicators, Alev entered this world for the love of movies, mostly Asian (Akira Kurosawa is the best director, no doubt). A post-producer by vocation and digital animator in her spare time, she would never turn down a good role-playing game or an outing to check out books from the library. She loves mystery, reading and riddles, so when you least expect it, she'll tell you one.


Designer junior

Lucas has only done two things in his life that are worth talking about. One of them is living in Barcelona. There he studied, published his first report, fell in love and played hockey. He has long owed his Sundays religiously to the sport. He has not written any books, nor has he won any prizes. He likes people and their stories.


Storyteller, Spain

Sara has an explorer spirit, always ready to take on new challenges. Music is her best ally, a melody that inspires her imagination and where to escape to when the going gets tough. She loves playing video games because they allow her to go to different places and do things she wouldn't normally do. She also loves rainy days and cats.


Administrative assistant, Spain

The little guy in the office, he is always close to the CEO for any emergencies that may arise. He shares a hairdresser with the CEO.


Barking at the client

A thoroughbred mutt, he devotes his time to patrolling the office looking for dangers that may menace the members of dgtl in return for a good scratch. He is myopic.



Administrative board

There are more people who support dgtl fundraising and believe in this project

Natalia Delgado

CEO of Fundraising Company and International Fundraising

Daryl Upsall

President of Daryl Upsall International

Miryam Delgado

COO of Daryl Upsall International

What we do

We shun superficiality in order to build deep relationships between sympathizers and the organizations with which we collaborate.

We work to raise funds as well as to mobilize users

Let’s admit it, we all want to be a part of something important, to get involved in social projects and support the organizations we like most. But it is not always easy. As users, our time is limited, and getting to know every project that may be of interest to us is almost impossible. As social good organizations, we do not always have the ability to reach our target audience and convince them. This is where dgtl fundraising comes in.

We work to raise funds as well as to mobilize users

We know inside out the markets of the countries in which we work, currently Spain and Italy. We know where the users are and what motivates them, but we also know the strategies organizations have historically used fundraise. At dgtl fundraising we focus solely on digital, the channel that has the best performance, in order to avoid problems organizations have been facing for years. At the end of the day, you will have at your disposal a team of at least eight people with different abilities in order to achieve your objective.

If you are part of an organization that wants to find its audience and get supporters, it is time we do it together.

We will take on the task of immersing ourselves in the language of your organization, conveying your needs with the precision they deserve and communicating them to potential supporters at exactly the right time. On theway, we will create a dgtl-clint relationship based on rust because, honestly, wedo not know how to do it any other way.

We believe in your cause and want to support it because it is ours as well.

Digital strategy

We work with each organization to design and implement an action plan, determining which strategy will have the greatest success.

Email marketing

We impact people at the appropriate time, taking detailed care of the content we send. We apply the finest storytelling and design to our emails. In addition, we monitor each send, taking care of deliverability.

Gathering of leads

We reach interested users with both classic and state-of-the-art formats and test to find what work best for each cause. We work to optimize our metrics, reaching the right audience.


We investigate and create new ways of adding value to the third sector. We are fast when it comes to making decisions and implementing ideas that may be useful to the organizations with which we work.

Work with us
One of our aims is to be happy at work. Do you want to know how it feels?
Here we publish our active job offers, we look forward to meeting you and… to you joining our foosball tournaments.

Organizations both large and small have put their trust in us for their digital fundraising and strategy.

These are some of them:

If you wish to contact us (if you are an organization, you wish to leave your CV or tell us something) fill in this form here.