Our world is digital.

Is your organization?


We are a digital agency for nonprofits.

Our mission is to help organizations make the most of the opportunities the digital world brings to them.

The digital revolution has changed how people connect among themselves but also how they interact with institutions and organizations. People are now able to connect and organize for issues they care about. We no longer have just consumers or donors, we have people who expect and demand a two way communication.

People want to support causes they care about, they want to be involved, they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. But the way they engage and get involved has changed. We work with organizations to adapt and become truly digital organizations.

We develop and execute digital strategies to build deeper relationships with your supporters to engage, fundraise and campaign.

We will work with with your organization to find people who care deeply about your cause and who need your help to get involved.


Natalia Delgado
Board member

For the last 14 years, Natalia has worked as a Fundraiser, directing several agencies that help nonprofits grow (Fundraising Iniciativas and Fundraising Company). She is VERY proud of having raised over 800 million Euros for the Third Sector. She also likes to play paddle tennis, although she doesn’t win as much as she’d like.

Daryl Upsall
Board member

Daryl was one of the real digital fundraising pioneers back with Greenpeace in 1993. Having worked with non-profits in over 50 countries the last 34 years he never misses the opportunity to try new and exciting food wherever he is and then try to cook it when back at home.

Miryam Delgado
Board member

Miryam is COO at Daryl Upsall Consulting International and Daryl Upsall & Associates. She is also the CEO of The FoodieMarket. She loves gardening and boasts marvelous green fingers, and is going to singing lessons although this proving to be a bigger challenge. Her dream in life has always been to be a witch and get the best broom on the planet.

Alberto López
Board member

For the last 15 years, Alberto has been trying to set up recruitment teams for the Third Sector globally, present now in 7 countries, so he’s not bat at it. To keep himself busy, he is now president of the rowing club of San Sebastian where the city’s drifter seeks to be the most important of the Cantabrian, so it must really be a team effort for them to succeed. Will they?


Digital Strategy

Digital gives us so many options, it is difficult to choose. We will work with you to design and implement your online action plan and determine what strategy will be successful for your organization.

Online marketing and advertising

Whether your goal is fundraising, campaigning or engaging your supporters, we can design and run exciting campaigns that will reach thousands of potential supporters who care about your cause.

Social Media: management and strategy

Social Media channels are a prevalent channel for engaging with your supporters, from finding new people who support your cause to maintaining relationships with lifetime supporters.

Website design, development and optimization

Your website is the key to your online success; your supporters will come to it to take action. We can build or improve your site to make it user orientated and ensure your visitors respond.

Training and capacity building

Having the internal expertise to plan and execute digital programs is critical to your organization’s success. We are happy to share our knowledge and design training programs specifically adapted to your staff’s needs.